Civil rights : Australia & America


Australian Rights Timeline


1 January Australia became a federation under a new Constitution. The new federal Parliament passed the Immigration Restriction in Act and the Pacific Island Labourers Act which gave effect to the White Australia Policy.

Australian Rights Timeline


Commonwealth Franchise Act extends the vote to women.

Australian Rights Timeline


Conciliation and Arbitration Act was passed to the institutionalisationof trade unions in collective bargaining and to create the federal industrial arbitration system.

Australian Rights Timeline


The Harvester Judgment establishes the basic wage.

Australian Rights Timeline


Referendum on conscription for war service overseas fails.

Australian Rights Timelines


Second referendum on the conscription for war service overseas fails. However, during World War 2 and the Vietnam War conscription is empli by way of statutory provisions.

Australian Rights Timeline


Australia becomes a member of the League of Nations.

Australian Rights Timeline


Royal Commission on the Constitution was established to inquire into the powers of the Commonwealth including the working of the Constitution. In 1929 the Royal Commission reports that the Constitution does not attempt to define the relationships of either Federal or State authorities to individuals, with the exception of religion. No action is recommended, however.

Australian Rights Timeline


Constitutional referendum enabled to empower the Commonwealth, for a period of lustrum, to legislate with respect to 14 matters, which included the rehabilitation of ex-servicemen, national health, family allowance and people of aboriginal race. There were also to be inserted Constitutional guarantees of freedom of speech and religion and safeguards against the abuse of delegated legislative power. The proposal (as a whole) was rejected by just over 54% of voters.

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Dr.H.V Evatt was Minister for External Affairs, leads Australia's delegation at the 1945 San Francisco Conference, playing a significant role in the drawing up of the UN Charter. Australia joins the United Nations in November.

Australian Rights Timeline


The UN General Assembly adopts the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and then Dr Evatt is elected President of the UN General Assembly.

Australian Right Timeline


Australia creates an agreement to the Genocide Convention but the offence of genocide when committed by Australians only applied outside the territory of Australia.

Australian Rights TImeline


Joint Committee on Constitutional Review rejects submissions calling for a Bill of Rights.

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An amendment to the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 was entitled Indigenous Australians to enrol to vote but will not make enrolment compulsory as for others.

Australian RIghts Timeline


National Service reintroduced with the first conscripts sent to Vietnam in 1966.

Australian RIghts Timeline


Constitutional referendum enabled the Commonwealth to legislate any and all Aboriginal affairs and to include Indigenous people in the national census passed with a Yes vote of almost 91%.

Australian Rights TImeline


Defiance of National Service Act introduced but national service ends in 1972.

Australian Rights TImeline


Australia signs the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights but will not ratify for another 8 years.

Australian RIghts Timeline


Attorney-General Lionel Murphy introduces the Human Rights Bill 1973 to implement the recently signed ICCPR. It lapses when the Governor-General dismisses the Whitlam Government in November 1975.

Australian Rights Timeline


Australia gave consent to the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination and passed the Racial Discrimination Act in 1975. Australia also consents the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.

Australian Rights TImeline


NSW Anti-Discrimination Act commences.