French Revolution Anatomy

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Step 1-Third Estate Demands Larger Voice


Would have given them a majority over the Second and First Estates, in their opinion, causing a disaster. When it didnt happen, the National Convention rose up and eventually took control.

Step 2-Storming of the Bastille

July 14, 1789

Soon after, King Louis XVI lost control of the French Military

Step 3-National Convention writes new Constitutions

August 4, 1789

Reformed Everything, including the church

Step 4-National Convention Creates Limited Monarchy


Opposed by almost all, even former supporters of the revolution.

Step 5-All are hurt by living costs


All classes were hurt by the skyrocketing costs of living, and radicals who wanted more drastic solutions. Formation of Paris Commune

Step 7-Leader of Public Safety Committee


Held the power to kill whoever he thought was an enemy of the Government. Leader: Maximilien Robespierre

Step 6-Committee of Public Safety Formed


"Protected" the government from it's enemies within the Country. Served as the official start of the Reign of Terror.

Step 9-The Committee's effect

1793 - 1794

The Committee of Public Safety killed tens of thousands of people while it was in power.

Step 8-Republic of Virtue Created

March 1793

Created by Robespierre, provided freedom through a lot of control. Tried to put a lot of rules in place, but didn't have the resources to enforce them.

Step 10-Robespierre Executed

July 28, 1794

Opposers in the Convention gathered enough votes to have him guillotined, ending the Reign of Terror