Evolution of Education


The Boston School

1802 - 1803

The Boston School was the 1st publicly supported school and it's goal was to provide free education.

Mount Holyoke Female Seminary,


in 1837, Mary Lyon founded Mount Holyoke Female Seminary, the first college for women in he U.S.

The Department of Education


In 1867, the original Department of Education is created to help create the school systems.

The Association of American Universities


The Association of American Universities is founded to promote higher standards and put U.S. universities on an equal footing with their European counterparts. (Sass, 2009).

Model T Students


In 1903, the first bell rang for kids to switch classes in NY. The bell was a way to move students in a sort of assembly line to produce a Model T.

Brown v. Board of Education


Brown V. Board of Education was a U.S Supreme court case that ended segregation in public schools.

Civil Rights


During the Civil Rights movement , equal opportunity for women, disadvantage and handicapped and ESL students started.

University of Phoenix


The University of Phoenix establishes their "online campus," the first to offer online bachelor's and master's degrees. It becomes the "largest private university in North America. (Sass, 2009).

No Child Left Behind


No Child Left behind is approved by Congress