Socials Timeline


Louis XIV

1638 - 1715

~He built the luxurious and isolated Palace of Versailles
~Louis ruled extravagantly for 72 years
~He was nicknamed the "Sun King"

Louis XVI

1754 - 1793

~ Louis became king in 1774 and was not ready to rule.
~ The french people blamed the king for improvements not taking place.
~ Louis's reign will be associated with the outbreak of the french revolution.

Marie Antionette


~She was born in Vienna, Austria
~Marie became queen at the age of 14 in 1774
~She had no education or experience

The Enlightenment


~Philosophes helped form a new way of thinking about the world
~They believed science and human intelligence were the highest importance
~Equality for men led to questions about equality for women

The Estates General


~Included representatives from all three estates
~The estates general voted as a bloc
~Louis wanted them to follow his wishes but many wanted progress to a democracy

Declaration of Rights of Man and Citizen

August 26, 1789

~ The national assembly passed the Declaration of Rights and Citizen in august 26, 1789.
~ The Declaration guaranteed equality to all citizens.
~ It ended certain privileges for nobles and puts limits on power of the government.

The Constitution of 1791


~Family's tried to escape France~
~legislative assembly met for the first time oct 1st~
~different groups struggling for power~

Revolutionary War

1792 - 1798

~ Many did not know whether to support, oppose, or be involved in the revolution at all.
~ France then declared war on Austria in the spring.
~ The French lost the war, still people's faith in the revolution was still strong.

The Reign of Terror

1793 - 1794

~Led by Maximilien de Robespierre
~Harsh laws were passed to intimidate and eliminate those who disagreed
~If you were unable to produce a signed certificate of citizenship would result in arrest and execution


1793 - 1794

~ He believed deeply in France and the revolution, he waned to defend it at all costs.
~ It is believed that at least 17,000 people, and perhaps 30,00 were executed under his rule, after that he was arrested.
~ In July in 28, 1794, he himself was executed by guillotine.


1799 - 1815

~ Napoleon took control over the government with a three-man consulate.
~ Napoleon himself became first console and emperor.
~ This gave him the powers of a dictator.