American Revolution



May 10, 1775

Started soon after the launch of the American Revolutionary War. It succeeded the First Continental Congress. They managed the colonial war effort and financed the war with borrowed funs.

Continental Army

June 14,1775 - 1783

Started a month after the meeting of the Second Continental Congress. George Washington was announced the commander in chief. Although they only won 3 of their major 9 battles they stil won the military struggle for Independence.

Olive Branch Petition

July 1775

One of the most famous things that the congress has passed. This was a effort to try to notify the King that the colonist were not at all happy with the policy that the King wanted.

Declaration of the Causes and Necesities of Taking up Arms

July 1775

It was penned by john Dickinson who was a veteran of the first congress. This proclaimed the preference "to die free men rather than live as slaves"

Second Continental Congress


They managed the colonial war efforts and wanted independence. They adopted the Declaration of Independence on July 4,1776. Tried to preserve their rights by dint of arms.

Common Sense

January 1776

This book opened up a argument in favor for independence. Made by Thomas Paine.
The congress and the people were divided on the question of independence a year later.

The articles of Confederation


It was drafted and adopted by the congress in 1777 but it was not actually ratified until 1781. It was the first constitution of the United States.

Constitutional Reform


A movement for Constitutional Reform started in the Philadelphia Convention, where they decided to completely trashed The Articles of Confederation.

Treaty of Paris


This was the last thing the congress done and it actually stopped the war. This recognized the independence and named a five member commission.

U.S. Constitution


The Continental Congress got adjourned and was replaced by the U.S. Congress. They promoted general welfare and secured the Blessing of Liberty.