Women's Civil Rights movement (1st Wave)

Approx. 1848 - 1909

Rallied for equality for women.

Seneca Falls Convention

July 19, 1848

The movement started where three hundred men and women rallied for the civil rights of women.

First of Radicalized Feminism (2nd Wave)

Approx. 1960 - 1990

Unfolded the issues of sexuality and reproductive rights of women and focused on the Equal Rights Amendment passing onto the Constitution.

Miss America Pageant Protest

September 7 1968

Protested against the "oppressive" values of objectification of women through bras, girdles, high heels, and make-up.

Passing of the Equal Rights Amendment

March 22, 1972

Provided women with social equality regardless of sex by law.

Mainstream Usage of the Internet


Continuation of Radical Feminism (3rd Wave)

Approx. 1990 - 2005

Usage of the internet evolved the state of feminism to a more streamlined communication between the members of the movement.

Modern Feminism (4th Wave)

Approx. 2005 - Present

Through the use of social media and other media outlets every perosn whit an opinion has twisted the movement to what it is today. The now man-hating, hypocritical movement of modern feminism.