History Of Make-up Timeline


First Discovered

164,000 BC

Archaeologists found 164,000-year old makeup in a South African cave. The makeup, consisting of 57 pieces of ground-up rock.


70,000 BC

Humans painted their bodies using plant and earthen materials.

Galena mesdemet

4000 BC

Egyptian women apply galena mesdemet [copper and lead ore mix]

Creation of coloured powder

3000 BC

Makeup was believed to protect one from evil. Kohl, a dark-coloured powder made by grinding burnt almonds.

Beauty cases were crafted

1 AD

Beauty cases were crafted using cherished woods and containers made of hand- blown glass.

Black hair

30 AD

Black hair was enhanced by using minerals derived from Black Antimony (a metallic element) that was mixed with animal fat.

Pale skin enhanced

500 AD

During the European middle ages, pale skin was a sign of wealthy lifestyle.

Teeth painted Gold or Black

1400 AD

In China and Japan, rice powder was applied to the face, eyebrows were shaved and teeth were painted gold or black.

use of lead

1820 AD

The most dangerous beauty aids during this time were white lead and powdered mercury.

Introduction of Zinc Oxide

1900 AD

Zinc oxide was found to be a safer alternative to lead.

black wax used to make Mascara

1910 AD

Women made their own form of mascara by adding hot beads of black wax to the tips of their eyelashes.

first modern commercial mascara

1914 AD

The first modern commercial mascara formulated was named after Mabel

Cover Girl Make-up introduced

1961 AD

Cover Girl make-up, one of the first brands sold in grocery stores and targeted to teens

Men make-up products

2008 AD

Make-up products for men become more available

beauty marker will reach $265 Billion

2014 AD

The global beauty market is forecast to reach $265 billion in 2017.