Untitled timeline


Traffic Light

1920 - 1921

Lester Wire was a police officer in Salt Lake City. Wire's job was to direct traffic near a busy intersection. There was a railroad near the intersection and the railroad crossing light gave him the idea for traffic lights.


1920 - 1921

The radio was thought up by a team of many people, but David Edward Hughes was given credit for it.


1920 - 1921

George John Seabury was a chemist born in 1844. When he came up with the first band-aid he was serving in the civil war and was wounded. As he lay in a hospital bed he cam up with the thought. He didn't patent his idea until the 20's.


1920 - 1921

The television wasn't created by just one person. It was credited to several people. Each person that was credited had a major breakthrough that contributed to the overall invention.

Hair Dryer

1920 - 1921

Before hair dryers were invented, people would use vacuum cleaners to dry their hair. Thanks to Alexander Goldefroy, however, we now don't have to use vacuums.

Lie Detector

1921 - 1922

John Augustus Larson was credited with the invention of the polygraph.

Discovery of Vitamin E

1922 - 1923

While at the University of California, Herbert Evans accidentally discovered vitamin E in leafy green vegetables.


1925 - 1926

Frozen Food

1925 - 1926

Clarence Birdseye II is the father of frozen foods.

Ford Vehicles

1927 - 1928

Henry Ford is the father of all motor vehicles. He fathered the famous Ford motor company.


1928 - 1929

Alexander Flemming accidentally dropped some mold into a dish of bacteria. He noticed the bacteria near the mold died and dubbed the mold Penicillin.