Science project


Zacharias Janssen


He invented the microscope which was the base for the cell theory.

Robert Hooke

1663 - 1665

Robert hooke discovered the cell in 1665. He said they looked like the walls a monk would live in. But he did not know how they worked.

Anton Van Leeuwenhoek

1674 - 1683

He intensified and cleared up the lenses in the microscope to better them.

Theador Schwann

1837 - 1839

Theodor worked with matthias to formulate the informal belief as a principle of biology.

Matthias Schleiden


He stated the different parts of the cell and that plants are made out of individual cells

Rudolph Virchow


He took theador schwanns work to make it better (worked off of it). He brought the attention to the theory of cells.