Alabama S-town


The date that Alabama was admitted to the Union


Statehood: The Date that Alabama was admitted to the Union - December 14, 1819. The Constitution: Alabama was the 22nd State to be admitted to the Union. State Motto - Audemus jura nostra defendere - motto translated as " We Dare Defend Our Rights "

President Monroe signs the Alabama enabling act.

1819 march 2

Constitutional Convention meets in Huntsville.

1819 July 1

Constitutional Convention meets in Huntsville. Constitution adopted with Cahaba selected as temporary seat of government for the new State.

The first general election

1819 September 20

The first general election for governor, members of the US Congress, legislators, court clerks, and sheriffs is held as specified by the Constitution of 1819. Held on the third Monda

General Assembly meets in Huntsville until the Cahaba Capitol is constructed.

1819 October 25 - 1819 December 17

Alabama enters Union as 22nd state.

1819 December 14

Athens State University.

1822 december 1

The Legislature charters Athens Female Academy, which later becomes Athens State University.

French general


French general and American Revolution-hero, the Marquis de Lafayette, toured Alabama at Governor Israel Pickens' invitation.

Capitol moved to Tuscaloosa.


LaGrange College

1830 january 19

LaGrange College chartered by the Legislature; eventually becomes the University of North Alabama
State's population=309,527: 1830 Federal Census - White population=190,406; African-American population=119,121; Slave population=117,549; Free black population=1,572; Urban population=3,194; Rural population=306,333.

The University of Alabama formally opens

1831 april 13

The University of Alabama formally opens its doors. Fifty-two students were accepted that first day. By the end of the session, the student body had swelled to nearly one hundred. The faculty was made up of four men including the Reverend Alva Woods who had been inaugurated president of the University on April 12, 1831.

Bell Factory


Bell Factory (Madison County), state's first textile mill, chartered by General Assembly.

Alabama's first railroad


Alabama's first railroad, the Tuscumbia Railway, opens, running the two miles from Tuscumbia Landing at the Tennessee River to Tuscumbia. The railway was the first phase of a planned railroad to Decatur, forty-three miles to the east. That railroad was needed in order for river traffic to avoid the dangerous and often un-navigable Muscle Shoals of the Tennessee River.

across the Southeast


In a spectacle seen across the Southeast, a fantastic meteor shower causes this night to be known as "the night stars fell on Alabama." The shower created great excitement across the state and for years was used to date events and became part of Alabama folklore. It also became the title of a famous book and song in the 1930s. Jimmy Buffet sang "Stars Fell on Alabama" at the January 1999 inauguration of Governor Don Siegelman.

factory north of Montgomery


Daniel Pratt established cotton gin factory north of Montgomery; his company town, Prattville (founded 1839), became a manufacturing center in the antebellum South.

Alabama gold rush, concentrated in east-central hill country.

1835 - 1836

The Second Creek War

1836 - 1837

The Second Creek War (Seminole War) in which Creek warriors were defeated at Hobdy's Bridge South Alabama

Battle of Hobdy's Bridge last Indian battle in Alabama


State population=590,756


Montgomery new capital

1846 January 28

Montgomery is selected as capital of Alabama by the State Legislature on the 16th ballot. Montgomery won the final vote largely because of promises of Montgomery city leaders to provide $75,000 for a new capitol and the rise of the prominence of the Black Belt region of the state.

State population=771,623


insane hospital


Alabama Insane Hospital established at Tuscaloosa (renamed Alabama Bryce Insane Hospital upon death of its first director, Peter Bryce, 1892).

public school


Alabama Public School Act creates first state-wide education system by establishing an office of State Superintendent of Education.

coal mining company


Alabama Coal Mining Company begins first systematic underground mining in the state near Montevallo.

College established


East Alabama Male College established at Auburn by Methodists; evolved into Auburn University.

School for Deaf, Dumb, and Blind


State population=964,201