The French Revolution

From Mckay for AP European History


The National Convention formed in France

1789 - 1791

Causes: Financial crisis from supporting oversea wars/imperialism
American revolution inspires generals
desacralization of the monarch, pornography, affair with low class maid
Social class unrest; Bourgeois vs Upper class, nobles of rode, nobles of sword

Estates General meets at Versailles

May 5th, 1789

Due to increasing pressures on the king from new 5% income tax being applied to Nobles as well. Paves way for creation of the third estate.

Third Estate declares itself the National Assembly

June 17th, 1789

Third estate=largest, poorest class + some bourgeoisie

Oath of the Tennis Court

June 20th, 1789

Declares constitution like document, paves way for demands of constitutional monarchy

The Great Fear

July 1789 - August 1789

The fear of noble reprisals against peasant uprisings that seized the French countryside and led to further revolt.

The Storming of the Bastille

July 14, 1789

Prisoners, aristocrats in jail