Time Line from 8000 BCE to 600 CE


Neolithic Revolution

6000 BCE - 4000 BCE

The development of sedentary agriculture leads to the settlement of nomads into stratified society, with job specialization, religion and cities, forming civilizations

Bronze Age

4000 bce

This signals a shift away from stone tools and weapons, as well as, the developing of trade routes, and ideographic and syllabic writing.


4000 bce

A region between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers that developed the first urban societies. In the bronze age this area included Sumer & the Akkadian, Babylonian, and Assyrian empires. They created the invention of the wheel and contains the fertile crescent


3500 BCE - 2000 BCE

The Sumerian peoples developed a civilization in the southern part of Mesopotamia. Responsible for the creation of many fundamental elements of Mesopotamian culture such as irrigation technology, cuneiform, and religious conceptions


3100 BCE - 1200 BCE

This civilization was gifted of the Nile river that produced reeds, copper, stone and clay. Small king ruled state into upper and lower kingdoms.

Huang He

2000 BCE

The first Chinese civilization that included flooding and irrigation. This civilization was isolated but had many pictographs and ideographic symbols.

Iron Age

1900 bce - 1400 bce

This is characterized by a shift in tools and weapons, as well as, the introduction of alphabetic characters and the development of written language.


1830 BCE - 1500 BCE

Reunited Mesopotamia in 1830 BCE with Hammurabi’s laws and codes. Their civilization had an economy with wool, agriculture and trade.

Hammurabias Code

1772 BCE

Contained 282 laws that where written in stone and displayed in the center city town. These were specific to social status and gender of offender.


1550 BCE

Babylon falls due to the invasions of the Hittites, who became a military superpower through their knowledge of how to use iron


1500 BCE

The first major Pre-Columbian civilization in Mexico. Their most familiar aspect is their artwork, particularly the aptly named Colossal Heads


1500 BCE

Shang Dynasty develops along the Yellow River. Contained 3000 characters, silk, ancient worship, army and danced for the gods.

Zhou Dynasty

1029 BCE - 700 BCE

During this dynasty, the use of iron was introduced to China. This Dynasty followed the Shang civilization and were the south movement to Yangzi river.

Chain De Huantan

850 BCE - 250 BCE

Different levels of agriculture and the start of vertical farming. Difficult for transportation due to location and were craftsmen.