Canadian Timeline


Britain's Great Discovery

Jun 2 1497

This was the day when John Cabot of the British had set foot on Newfoundland. He was sent to explore "The New World" by King Henry VII of Britain. (#3)

The most confusing war of all time

Jun 18, 1812 - Mar 23, 1815

The war of 1812 was the war against the British and the Americans in a fight for land. Americans tried to invite the First Nations and Indians to their side and double cross them later but ultimately joined the British. At the end of the war, treaties were made in the British and Americans but the Indians were not included. This caused the Indians to have lost the most in this war. (#10)

The Confederation

Jul 1, 1867

This was the day when the Confederation of Canada was signed. With this the country Canada was made. At this time, Canada has only four countries: Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Ontario and Quebec. It was formed because as a united country they could fend off against the United States in case they were to attack again. (#1 )

Canadian Pacific Railroad

1881 - 1885

This railroad was a promise of British Columbia to Canada to connect the country and the province together. Many people died from building the railroad, primarily Chinese. The railroad was also a border to prevent the United States from entering the British colonies. (#6)

Invention of Basketball


Basketball was invented by a Canadian named James Naismith. This was an important event because without it, one of the most popular game in the world would not exist. (#5)

Saskatchewan and Alberta


Saskatchewan and Alberta join the Confederation. This was important because these were the final two provinces to enter the Confederation. When it was signed, it was not too long until immigrants rushed in to claim land. (#4)

World War I

Jul 28, 1914 - Nov 11, 1918

This war was an important war to Canada because Canadians were under the command of Britain meaning they joined the war. This war also made Canadian feel like an independent country and not under the complete control of Britain. (#2)

The Great Depression

Oct 29, 1929 - 1939

The great depression was a 10 year economic crisis. It was a series of unfortunate events that caused many Canadians to lose their jobs and caused the economy to lower. This began because the Great Britain were in serious debt to the United States. (#7)

Declaration of Independence of Canada

Dec 11, 1931

This was the day when Canada gained full control over its government. Even though Canada was an independent country in 1867, they were still under the control of Britain. (#9)

World War II

Sept 1, 1939 - Sept 2, 1945

Canada has declared war on Germany. This was an important day because they were fighting alongside The Great Britain. Canada was not forced to enter the war but came anyway to stop the murder of innocent Jews. (#8)