First electrostatic motor

  1. Usually requires a high voltage power supply
  2. based on the attraction and repulsion of an electric charge
  3. developed by Andrew Gordon and Benjamin Franklin
  4. commonly utilized xenon gas
  5. made manufacturing things easier

Colt .45

  1. created by Samuel Colt
  2. The new gun was not easily accepted because the gun owners were not ready to give up their muskets and Rifles 3.The first plant was built in New Jersey
  3. It was developed during the Black powder period
  4. could be used with bullets or gun powder

dynamite (Alfred Nobel)


!. created by Alfred Nobel
2. patented in 1867
3.safer alternative to gunpowder
4.invented in Geestacht

Traffic Light

  1. invented by JP Knight
  2. installed outside the houses of Parliament in 1868
  3. looked like a railroad signal
  4. used gas
  5. one exploded killing a policeman

Barbed Wire Invented

  1. Michael Kelly invented the double-stranded wire
  2. Joseph Farwell invented the first commercially used barbed wire
  3. invented in 1000 but remastered n 1873
  4. use increased in the 1870s and 80s

light bulb invented

  1. 4 types
  2. invented by Thomas Edison
  3. most common is incandescent
  4. Led is the cheapest to manufacture 5.the light bulb was first demonstrated in Menlo Park

Christmas lights

  1. Thomas Edison was responsible for the first light display
  2. Grover Cleveland was the first president to use electric bulbs on his Christmas tree
  3. they cost $300
  4. a 15 year old helped make them popular
  5. lights weren't safe for outdoor use until 1920s

Steam Turbine

  1. Invented by Thomas Sawry
  2. the first was used as a pump to get water out of mines
  3. James watt Improved Sawrys original design
  4. James created the watt to describe how much power his machine could produce
  5. the steam engine used heat to create steam

Swiss Army Knife

  1. invented by Carl Elsner
  2. used to help soldiers open food cans
  3. Karl originally created surgical equipment
  4. first thought of in 1890
  5. made by a company named after his deceased mother



1, Patented by Charles Strite
2. Toasters had to be flipped to get an even toast on both sides
3. Charles was born in Minnesota
4. Toasting bread has been happening for thousands of years
5. The wires in a toaster are made of a mixture of Nickel and Chrome


  1. Invented by Whitcomb Judson
  2. were not used on womens dresses clothing until the late 1930s
  3. YKK is currently the biggest zipper seller in the U.S.
  4. Judson also made the Clasp Locker
  5. Two people also made an invention like the zipper


  1. the first flashlight was invented by David Misell
  2. It had 3 D batteries
  3. The first flashlight had an incandescent light bulb
  4. It was called a flashlight because it would not supply a steady stream of light
  5. Flashlights did not sell well because the batteries were not reliable

Hershey Bar

  1. Invented by Milton Snavely Hershey
  2. Hershey was originally a caramel salesman
  3. his caramel company sold for $1 million
  4. Hershey made it possible for the middle class to buy chocolate

Air Condition Invented

  1. Invented by Willis Carrier
  2. The first A/C sent sir through water cooled coils
  3. modern air conditioners use a coolant called freon
  4. It was big and bulky
  5. Movie theaters were one of the first public places to have air conditioning


  1. Invented by the Wright Brothers
  2. Invented In North Carolina
  3. Orville was the first brother to successfully fly the plane
  4. the first flights were called the Kitty Hawk Flights
  5. 2 years later they perfected their original airplane