US History 1865-1900


Credit Mobile Scabdel

1865 - Present

Contraction company, destruction of Union Pacific railroads.
These Congress man where allowed to purchase shares.

Alaska Purchase

1867 - Present

Russian government offers the U.S as for payment of financial crisis.

Railroads connect in Utah

1869 - Present

The day the railroads where completed. Big event for transportation for getting to one side of the coast the next.

Yellow Stone

1871 - Present

Yellow Stone became the first national park of America. Created for people enjoy and not 'touch' (build or destroy).

Little Bighorn


Native American victory. It was the natives vs the United States Calvary. The battle was fought over the river, which was called Little Bighorn.

National Baseball League

1876 - Present

The first official game of baseball took place in Hoboken, New Jersey.
America's first sport made.