Judaism- Abraham

1800 BCE

Abraham listens to god and leaves Ut for Canaan with his people

Hinduism- Beginning

Approx. 1500 BCE

The indus river valley civilization flourishes. This is where hinduism began

Hinduism- Aryan invasion

Approx. 1400 BCE

The Aryan invasion of the indus river valley brought the sanskrit language and other influences on hinduism

Judaism- Exodus

1300 BCE

Moses, a jew in egypt, helps his enslaved people escape and leave the country. This is called the exodus.

Hinduism- Vedic age

1200 BCE

In the Vedic age, the Rig Veda is written and hinduism flourishes

Judaism- Ten commandments

1200 BCE

Moses came down from the mountain he prayed from with a tablet with ten commandments from god

Daoism- Founded

550 BCE

daoism is founded

Confucianism- Life of Confucius

550 BCE

Confucius lives

Buddhism- Life of Buddha

500 BCE

In the 5th century, Shakyamuni Buddha, whose teachings Buddhism developed, lived

Legalism- Warring states

476 BCE

Legalism flourishes in response to horrors of war

daoism- development

350 BCE

Buddhism- Rise

270 BCE

Kind Ashoka sends buddhisht to Sri Lanka

Legalism- Qin dynasty

221 BCE

Leagism is established under emperor Huangi as state philosophy

Confucianism- Han dynasty

206 BCE

The han dynasty begins

Legalism- Decline

202 BCE

Legalism declines under Han dynasty

Daoism- immortality

150 BCE

immortaity doaism is developed

Confucianism- Emperor Wu

141 BCE

Emperor Wu abandons Legalism for confucianism

Buddhism- China

100 BCE

Buddhism enters china

Christianity- Birth of Christ


Jesus christ is born

Christianity- Death of Jesus

29 AD

Jesus is executed for his teachings and beliefs and "resurects" as the son of god.

Christianity- Constantine

312 AD

Roman emperor accepts christianity

Islam- Mohammad's revelation

605 AD

A messenger from allah comes to mohammad while hes praying in a cave

Islam- Mohammed leaves Mecca

622 AD

Mohammed leaves Mecca with his followers

Islam- Return to Mecca


Mohammed returns to mecca with an army and takes over, converting people to Islam