drug scandal in sports timeline


Arthur linton


Twenty-four-year-old Welsh cyclist Arthur Linton dies during a race from Bordeaux to Paris; though the cause of death is reported as typhoid fever, he is believed to have taken trimethyl, a stimulant.

Thomas Hicks


Marathon runner Thomas hicks collapses after mixing struchnine with brandy ( similary, strychnine was not illegal at the time )

The use of stryhnine drugs

1930 - 1939

the use of strychnine drugs in sports , such as amphetamines, becomes apparent.


1950 - 1959

The USSR begins to use male hormones steroids are developed in the USA. Distance athletes begin to experiment with blood doping.

winter Olympics


at the oslo winter Olympics, speed skaters become after ill after taking amphetamines.

Rome olympics

1960 - 1969

At the Rome Olympics Danish cyclist Knut Jensen collapses, furcating his skull after ingesting amphetamines he later dies.

Tommy Simpson


British cyclist Tommy Simpson dies during the tour De France after taking Amphetamines.

The IOC issues


The IOC issues a list of banned substances in sport. Drug testing begins at the Mexico City Olympics