sport timeline


first Olympics

776 bc - 393 ad

extracts of mushroom and plant seeds are used to enhance performance

the first record death in sports involving drug use


cyclist Arthur Linton overdose on trimethyl at the time though doping was not illegal

marathon runner collapses after mixing brandy and strychnine


Thomas Hicks collapse after mixing strychnine with Brady.

Synthesized drugs

1930 - 1939

The use of synthesized drugs in sport, such as amphetamines, becomes apparent

USSR begins to use male hormone steriods

1950 - 1959

The USSR begins to use male hormone steroids are developed in the USA

Winter Olympics


At the Oslo Winter Olympics, speed skaters becomes ill after taking amphetamines

Rome Olympics

1960 - 1969

At the Rome Olympics Danish Cyclist Knut Jonson collapses, fracturing his skull after ingesting amphetamines. He later dies