Important Events


Tecumseh/Battle of Tippecanoe

1808 - 1812

Tecumseh was an important chief who created a large confederation of Indian tribes.This Confederation came into contact with an Indianan army that eventually shattered it, and dealt a resounding blow to Indian strength.

Seminole wars

1817 - 1858

An series of U.S. instigated wars on the Seminole tribe of Florida that resulted in the removal of most of the tribe to Oklahoma. These encounters resulted in both the purchase of Florida and the creation of Indian reservations in Oklahoma.

Indian Removal Act

1830 - 1850

A bill, authorized by President Andrew Jackson, that removed some southern Indian tribes from their lands and gave them federal territory west of the Mississippi River. This resulted in the Trail of Tears and the eventual creation of the reservations.

Cherokee Nation v. Georgia


Established that the Cherokee nation was a "dependent nation" that could not be represented in court or be subject to state's laws. This increased the liberty inside the reservations, but prevented Indians from suing the U.S.

Trail of Tears

1831 - 1858

The forceful removal of Indian tribes from their lands, and the forced march across the Mississippi and into the lands beyond. The march itself killed thousands of
Native Americans and left the marchers without their property, which had to be left behind.

Worchester v. Georgia


The ruling of this case ended the Indian Removal Act, and declared it as well as the actions of Georgia in removing Indians unconstitutional. It also established the Indians as a separate, foreign nation. This would separate the Indian reservations from the surrounding nation and enable the creation of their own laws.