the evolution of the telephone


The candlestick

1904 - 1940

by its format, the western electric branded desk phone was known as a candlestick

The tank

1940 - 1950

was a common model in the 1940s

The classic

1950 - 1954

the model 500 of the western electric was the standard telephone of the American homes between 1950 and 1984

The snake

1954 - 1965

Ericofon is a Swedish phone that became known as "phone snake" in the country

Open and close

1965 - 1990

the cricket phone is a classic of Italian design. The "flip" that opens for the person to speak was the great novelty of the 1960s futuristic decade

First cell phone


in 1990, Motorola launched the first mobile phone model in Brazil. It was sold earlier in Rio de Janeiro and then in Sao Paulo, but became popular quickly. In the display, only 8 digits fit.