Road to Revolution


King George signs Proclamation

October 7, 1763

The Proclamation of 1763 declared that all land transactions made to the west of the Appalachian crest would be governed by the British government rather than by the colonies.

The Sugar Act is passed

April 5, 1764 - March 4, 1766

The Sugar Act lowered the import tax on foreign molasses in an attempt to deter smuggling, and placed a heavy tax on Madeira wine, which had traditionally been duty-free. In March 4, 1766 it was soon repealed

Stamp Act is passed

March 1765 - March 4, 1776

Stamp Act required all colonists to purchase watermarked, taxed paper for use in newspapers and legal documents.

Quartering Act Takes Effect

March 24, 1765

The Quartering Act required colonial legislatures to pay for certain supplies for British troops stationed in each colony.

John Dickinson Publishes Letters From a Pennsylvania Farmer

December 1767

The letters exhorted Americans to resist the Townshend duties, enumerating the political arguments against the constitutionality of the Revenue Act.

The Boston Massacre

March 4, 1770

Troops in Boston squared off with a crowd of sailors led by Crispus Attucks. When the crowd knocked one soldier to the ground, the soldiers fired and killed 5 men.