Chuck Berry


Chuck Berry

October 18, 1926 - March 18th 2017


October 18, 1926

Chuck Berry
was born
October 18th 1926
in his family
home in ST. Louis.

Leaves St.Louis


After graduating from
Summer high school,
Berry left on a road trip
to California with two of his friends.
They robbed several stores in Western Missouri.
They were apprehended in Columbia and sent to Algoa
reformatory in Jefferson city.

Release from Reform School

October 18, 1947

Released from reform school

Chuck Berry joins a band

January 31, 1951

Chuck Berry joins a band

World News

1926 world news

Jan 31, 1951

Henry Ford announces the 40-hour week
U.S. Route 66 created
Coal Miner strike in the U.K
Great Miami Hurricane

World news

Coals miner strike in the U.K
Henry Ford announces the 40 hour week

World News

Henry Ford announces the 40 hour week
U.K. coal miners strike

world news

Henry ford announces 40 hour workweek