What Happened When?



1500 BC - Present

800 BCE- Upanishads were written
320 BCE- Hinduism is introduced to Maurya Empire
1600 AD- Hindu Renaissance


551 BCE - Present

522 BCE- Confucius begins to teach
372 AD- Confucian Academy is established in Northern Korea
788 AD- Confucianism is introduced to unified Silla Kingdom


550 BCE - Present

5350 BCE- First seven chapters of Tao Te Ching, the primary writings, are written
200 BCE- ideals of Yin/Yang emerge
220 AD- Daosim becomes primary religion in China


500 BC - Present

500 BCE- First Buddhist Council
300 AD- Buddhism expands to Burma, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, and Indonesia
372 AD- Buddhism is established as a state religion in Korea


475 BCE - 207 BCE

338 BCE- Death of Shang Yang, early proponent of Legalism
300 BCE- Qin Dynasty adopts Legalism (bans all other religions)
141 BCe- Legalism is abandoned by Han Emperor Wu


600 AD - Present

4 BCE- traditional founding date of Ise Grand Shrine
747 AD- Statue is taken from Shinto shrine to Buddhist Shrine
712 AD- Kojiki, written account of oral myths, is formed