The Early Modern Era: the 15th century through the 18th century


Indian Ocean Trading Network

400 - 1450

Started small and began to decline but then went up rapidly along the coasts of Africa

Italian Renaissance

1350 - 1527

Expeditions of South-East Asia & Indian Ocean under Zheng He

1405 - 1433

-1st of 7 Ming Dynasty expeditions

Council of Constance ends


-The end of Western Schism and Pope Martin becomes the only pope

Joan of Arc lifts the siege of Orléans and allows the Prince of Dauphine to be crowned & Death

1429 - 1431 May 30th

-Drove the English from continental Europe
-Turned 100s year war in favor of the French

Johannes Gutenberg Invents The Printing Press


-Printed works become more accessible to all and ideas are able to spread

Constantinople Falls to the Ottoman Turks


-End of Byzantine Empire
-Constantinople becomes the Ottoman Empires new capital

100's Year War Ends


-England Loses Territory in France

Battle of St. Albans & Battle of Stoke

1455 May 22 - 1487 June 16

-War of the Roses begins & ends

Ōnin War Takes Place (Muromachi Pd. in Japan)

1467 - 1477

-1st of many significant civil wars

Christopher Columbus reaches the New World


-Age of Discovery Begins

Italian Wars

1494 - 1559

-Downfall of Italian City- States

Vasco Da Gama made it to India and Back


-First European to go to Eastern Europe Directly

Triangle Slave Trade

1500 - 1800

The trading of slaves, sugar, and rum in a way that they would triangularly pass from Africa to the American, Sugar to the New Englanders, and lastly Rum to Africa

Guru Nanak began to spread Sikhism


-5th largest religion in the world
-Lead by 9 other Gurus

The first reported African Slaves in The New World


-First ever recorded African Slaves found in Virginia

Zhengde became Emperor of the Ming Dynasty


-Power hungry and it only grew

Martin Luther wrote the "95 Theses"


-Beginning of the Protestant Reformation
-Divided the Catholic Church

Reign of Suleiman the Magnificent

1520 - 1566

-The highest point of the Ottoman Empire
-10th and longest reigning sultan

Mughal Empire in India

1526 - 1857

-Second largest empire to have existed in the Indian subcontinent
-Became the worlds largest power