East Asia 1700 - Present Miguel F.


Imperial China

1720 - 1911

Chinese accepted protection from the imperialists.

Jeongjo Becomes King

1776 - 1800

King Yeongjo passed away and his successor was his son who became the ruler of Korea after him.

British Capture Hong Kong


China fights for Hong Kong throughout the Opium War where Britain is successful.

Treaty of Nanking


A peace treaty that ended the first Opium War between the United Kingdom and the Qing Dynasty.

Taiping Rebellion

1850 - 1864

A Civil War in China the Qing Dynasty led by Manchu against the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom led by Hong Xiuquan.

Second Opium War


It ends up benefiting the European Powers giving them the right to intervene in Chinese affairs whenever they deemed it necessary.

Sino-Japanese War

1894 - 1895

Japan and China go to War over Korea where Japan obliterates China in

Russo Japanese War

1904 - 1905

Japan takes Russian warships by surprise. They started to go to War for influence in the far east.

Japan annexes Korea


Korea becomes a colony and is now being controlled by a Japanese governor.

Qing Dynasty Falls


The Qing Dynasty falls when a child emperor fails to fulfill his duties.

Tibet Independence


Tibet declares their own independence after the fall of the Qing Dynasty and the end of Imperial China.

Japan leaves the League of Nations


The league decided that Japan's occupation of Manchuria is illegal. Japan decided to simply withdraw from the league.

Kim Il Sung Guerrilla Campaign


Kim Il Sung goes against Japan in a guerrilla campaign to stop Japan from occupying Korea.

Japan USSR War


An incident that occurred on the border between Japanese and Soviet territory causes a 4-month war which Japan loses.

Mao Zedong becomes a Political Force


Mao Zedong finally becomes the leader of the Chinese communist party.

Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki


The Atom bomb one of the deadliest weapons was used to attack Hiroshima and Nagasaki which ended up ruining land and killing millions.

North Korea USSR


Korea that is being occupied by Japan get liberated from the Japanese by the USSR in North Korea and America in South Korea.

Chinese Korean War


UN troops that are in North Korea give the Chinese the ability to enter the war.

Tohuku Earthquake and Tsunami


One of Japan worsts Natural disasters that killed many.

Japan Abenomics Policies


These policies were enacted to handle the consequences that came from the Japan demographic crisis and the Lost Decade.