Timeline of Spartacus


Birth of Crassus

Approx. 115 BC

Crassus is born to Publius Licinius Crassus Dives and Venuleia in Rome.

Birth of Spartacus

Approx. 111 BC

Spartacus is born at Thrace. (Parents Unknown)

Birth of Pompey

106 BC

Pompey is born in Picenum to Pompeius Strabo. (Mother unknown)

Birth of Julius Caeser

Approx. 100 BC

11 years after Spartacus was born, Julius Caesar is born in Rome, Italy to Gaius Caesar and Aurelia Cotta

Third Servile War

73 BC - 71 BC

The greatest, but last Slave war of Roman history where Spartacus and his army of Slaves rebel against Rome.

Spartacus escapes enslavement

Approx. 73 BC

Spartacus and 50 other gladiators escape slavery and begin to grow into an army, 70,000 strong at its peak.

Crassus's Rise to Power

Approx. 71 BC

Winning this war, and claiming victory over Spartacus led to Crassus gaining fame and power.

Spartacus' army is Defeated

Approx. 71 BC

Spartacus and the last of his army have their last stand at the River Sele, where Spartacus is believed to have died. Their defeat is due to the military tactics of Crassus and Pompey