Ancient China


Xia dynasty

2100 bc - 1600 bc

Shang dynasty

1600 bc - 1046 bc

First silk making

1200 bc

The first silk was made in 1200 bc and it is still being made today.

Western Zhou Dynasty

1046 BCE - 771 BCE

iron working begins

500 bc

the first iron was being made and is still being made today.

the warring states period

475 bc - 221 bc

the era of terror.

Chinese Empire created

221 bc - 206 bc

Was created by the Qin dynasty by the rulers of china at that time.

Religion destroyed in china

213 bc

All religion was destroyed by the Qin emperor.

Hsin dynasty

9 ce - 25 ce

Buddhism in China

65 ce

This was when Buddhism was brought to China from India.

Making paper from silk

105 ce

this was the year where they discovered that they could make paper from silk.

Revolt of the yellow turbans

184 ce

a peasant revolt against the Han dynasty.

3 kingdom period begins

220 ce - 280 ce

All of the Chinese states battled it off, who ever won would claim china as their own.