fall of the roman empire

476 C.E

The invasion by Barbarians tribe. Had a gap between poor and rich. Was in a war,.

societies and empire of Africa

800 - 1500

Colonialism was divide into economies . Slavery happened.

Mongolians empire

1206 - 1368

the Mongolians where the most strongest country. help unite the countries together

Magna Carta


The king signing the Magna carta. They are a list of 63 clauses drawn up to limit john's power. It became the first law made.

Italian renaissance art

1350 - 1545

A painting was made by Leonardo da Vinci., Michelangelo and Raphael.

Ming dynasty

1368 - 1644

It was a period of native Chinese. Was constructed the grate wall.The domination of Vietnam.

Songhai empire

1464 - 1591

Slave trade became important part of the Songhai empire. The was iron farming, wealthy empire. was conquered by the Moroccans.

The Atlantic world

1492 - 1800

The Atlantic world summary was also known as the slave trade. Trades where from Africa, Europe and the Americas

Columbus discovers america


Columbus discovered America. Was a mistake to go there he thought that he was in India.

Transatlantic slave trade

1500 - 1850

know as the triangular trade. They traded 25 to 30 millions of children, women, men as slaves. The indian ocean, the Caribbean, America, Africa and Europe were involved .

Martin Luther


He wrote 95 list of theses of propositions for academic disputation and nailed it on the church door.

Protestant Reformation

1517 - 1648

Was a Schism from the Roman Catholic Church.

scientific revolution

1550 - 1800

Was the modern science during the early modern periods. It was development in mathematics physics, astronomy and biology

Elizabeth I

1558 - 1603

She never married. Strong woman. Won a war. The only royal and last from the family improved


1600 - 1750

Where the king were taking power of the world, money etc.

The enlightenment

1650 - 1800

Period were education was for. Came out of the dark ages, The culture revolution was being from

Taj mahal


The most beautiful building was but for the kings wife.