World History Timeline #1:1450-1750


Ottoman Empire

1299 - 1924

Gutenberg perfects the printing press


Johannes Gutenberg, invented the printing press and it was used to print things quicker. He also invented the hand mould that helped movable type so it printed things faster.

The Printing Press

1450 - 1600

Ottoman conqour the Byzantine


The Ottoman empire was closing in on Constantinople. Constantinople needed helped but nobody helped them so the Ottomans conquered.

Christophor Columbus reach the Americas


Columbus sailed from Spain to Americas. He was supposed to go west and find a trade route to the indies, but instead landed in the Americas.

Muslum rule in Spain ends


In Spain, the rule of the Islamic people ended when the Reconquista took over. The were Catholics rom the north and defeated Muslim states.

Portuguese reach india.


Vasco de Gama, a Portuguese explorer was the first European to sail to the indies. He went down and around Africa and landed on the west of India.

Beijing is the world's largest city.


Beijing is the capital city in China and China has been holding the world largest city title for over 1100 years before 1500. Beijing has a population of 678,000 at this time.

Early Modern Era

1500 - 1750

The Reformation

1517 - 1648

Martin Luther starts the protestant reformation.


In 1517, Martin Luther went to the catholic church and nailed the 95 theses on the door. The 95 theses were a list of propositions and a rebellion.

Babur begins the Mughal Empire in India.


Daulat Khan Lodi told Babur to come defeat Ibrahim Lodi so Babur could become king. Babur defeated him at the first battle of Panipat and that's when he founded the Mughal empire.

New Spain extends from Mexico to Chile.


Spain's territory in the Americas expand. They conquer the Aztec in 1521 and the Inca in 1532.

Scientific Revolution

1550 - 1700

Russians build their first settlement in Siberia.


The Russians were first in the Artic ocean. then they came down to Siberia because they were searching for valuable furs and ivory.

English and Dutch start trade colonies in India.


India was the place where every country wanted to trade with, but most couldn't get there. The ones that did, such as the Dutch and English, set up trade colonies to trade things with locals.

Jamestown is settled by the English.


Jamestown was the first town ever settled in America. We know it was the first town in Virginia but we have never seen the colony.

Dutch settle at Cape Town South Africa.


The Dutch east India company started a station in Cape town. It soon was for European settlers as well as black slaves.

First steam engine is invented


It was invented by an engineer named Thomas Savery. The first steamed powered machine was used for getting water out of flooded mines using steam pressure.

Mughal Empire reaches its height


The Mughal empire in India was the worlds largest economic power. Until the 18th century, the Mughal empire was India's last golden age.

Euopeans clain most of the Americas.


Between The English, French, and Spanish, Americas was divided amongst them. Spain had most of Mexico and little bit of west America and France had Canada so the English has most of the Americas.