The Early Modern Era


African Slave Trade

1450 - 1750

A time where high demand of slaves from Africa were needed in Western Europe and the Americas { Africa and western Europe}

The Renaissance

1450 - 1600

A time for a cultural mixing of the Middle and Modern Ages. { Europe, birthplace: Italy}

Columbian Exchange

1492 - 1750

A transfer between the new world and the old world of plants, animals, people, technology and cultures { Europe, America and Africa }

Christopher Columbus

1492 - 1502

"Discovered" America. He made four trips across the Atlantic looking for India and exposed the rest of Europe to these new territories. { Caribbean and South America}

Columbus brings new animals to the Americas


Columbus brings horses, dogs, pigs, sheep, cattle and more to South America on his second voyage.

Colonial America

1497 - 1750

Creation of colonies in American aka the creation of the new world. { North America}

Vasco de Gama

1498 - 1499

He explored East African kingdoms and then went to India and established trade relations.

The reformation (Europe)

1500 - 1550

A time when people were going against the abuse of the Roman Catholic Church began by Martin Luther and the Ninety-five Theses.

Sistine Chapel Ceiling

1508 - 1512

The sistine chapel is a is the official residence of the Pope in Vatican city, Italy. Construction began in 1473 and ended in 1481. It was then painted by Michelangelo in 1508.

The Spanish Arrive in Yucatan


The Spanish first arrive and go into battle against the Maya bringing with them old world diseases (small pox). This being the beginning of many years of fighting between the two.

Martin Luther and "The 95 theses"

October 31 1517

The day he nailed a copy of the 95 theses to the door of Wittenberg. He questioned the church for selling "indulgences" to wash away sins

The Mughal Empire

1526 - 1750

It ruled much of Northern India and attempted to integrate the muslims and hindus

Abu Akbar

1556 - 1605

The third emperor of the Mughal Emperor and ruled over most of Western, North and Central India.

Mayflower Compact


The Mayflower Compact was the first written form of government in America.

Small Pox

Approx. 1630

Small Pox's was brought to Massachusetts, and was the first spotting of this disease that wiped out nearly half of the Native American population.

Qing Empire

1644 - Approx. 1750

The last empire in China. It was a multicultural empire that went on for three centuries.

age of enlightenment

1670 - Approx. 1750

Also known as the "Age of Reason". A time when European science, politics and philosophy was redirected to question everything.

High of the enlightenment

1730 - Approx. 1750

The prime time of the age of enlightenment and of anti-religious and religious innovation

Qianlong comes to power


Qianlong brings the empire wealth by using foreign trade.