1750-2018 East Asia


White Lotus Rebellion

1794 - 1804

a tax protest that lasted about 10 years. Weakened the Qing Empire, contributing to its fall

Opium War

1839 - 1842

Britain was making great profit off of opium to China, however China did not want anything to do with the West. Therefore, there were disputes on the trade from Britain.

Taiping Rebellion

Jan 1, 1850 - 1864

Civil war in Southern China. One of the deadliest military conflicts. Over 20 million people died.

Meiji Restoration

1868 - 1912

Japan's transformation into a modern industrial power. Adopting Western styles, and went through economic, social, and political changes.

The Sino-Japanese War

1894 - 1895

Japan defeated China, gained territory when mixing in to the Korean Rebellion, and established itself as an imperialist power. European countries took back some of the land that was claimed.

Boxer Rebellion

1898 - 1901

Led by peasants to attempt to take out all foreign influence on China. Weakened the Ching Dynasty, and led to the Republican Revolution

Russo Japanese War

1904 - 1905

Japan defeated Russia, to gain control of Manchuria