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The Renaissance

Approx. 1350 - Approx. 1550

A time of cultural advancement, originating from Italy, which created new art styles and new ideas.

Fall of Constantinople


Constantinople was the capital of the Byzantine empire with incredibly strong defenses for its time period. In 1453 the Ottoman Turks were the first ones to fully breach their defenses and take over Constantinople.

Columbus Discovers America


In 1492 Columbus discovers the Americas and merges the old world and the new world which had been separated for thousands of years.

Vasco de Gama Reaches The Mozambican Coast


Vasco de Game lands in the Mozambican coast in South Africa. Europe learns more about the unfamiliar Sub-Saharan Africa.

Age of Absolutism

Approx. 1500 - Approx. 1750

The Age of Absolutism was a time period in which monarchs grew in power. Some rulers like LouisXIV had absolute power, hence the name Age of Absolutism. Absolute rulers had complete control over their land.

Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade

1502 - Approx. 1860

The Trans-Atlantic slave trade was the trade of Africans from the West African coast to Europe and the Americas.

The Reformation

1517 - 1550

The changing of Christianity due to the corruption of the church. Changes were made such as stopping the selling of indulgences.

Martin Luther's 95 Theses


Martin Luther's' 95 theses was nailed to the church in 1517 and in which he stated his problems with the, at the the time, very corrupt church system. This was what started the reformation.

Fall Of The Aztec Empire


The great Aztec Empire (1428–1521) in South America was attacked and destroyed in 1521 by the Spanish conquistador Cortes.

Mughal Empire Forms


The Mughal Empire forms and controls the Indian subcontinent. The Mughal Empire was Muslim and at one point was ruled by the famous Akbar the Great

Fall Of Inca Empire


The Inca Empire was a large empire on the west coast of South America. Eventually led by the Spanish conquistador Pizarro the Inca Empire was attacked and fell.

The Scientific Revolution

Approx. 1550 - Approx. 1700

The scientific revolution was a time period in which many fields of science were advancing and in which the people's view about nature and the world started to change.

Rise of Qing Dynasty, Fall of Ming Dynasty


The Ming dynasty which had stayed alive for 276 years fell. With the fall of this empire a new one formed in its place, The Qing Dynasty.

The Enlightenment

Approx. 1680 - Approx. 1800

During the enlightenment people thought more deeply about the world. Even more scientific discoveries were made and people built off what was learned in the scientific revolution.

Fall of Safavid Empire


The Safavid empire which been a major rival of the Ottoman empire fell in 1722. The Safavid empire was Shia islam which created lots of conflict with the Ottomans who were Sunni islam.