cause of the Russian revolution


communist manifesto


ideas of revolution revolved around this

formation of the social democratic party


5 years of strike

1900 - 1905

during these 5 years there were countless strikes. Throughout the years, the rise of small yet powerful labour groups came to be. which in 1905 was a big deal.

power split


the Russian government split into two different groups. The Bolsheviks meaning majority and the Mensheviks meaning minority. in later years these two party play a major role in the revolution and the struggle for power

bloody sunday and russia vs japan


as i had stated before, the strikes were important because on Jan 22 1905 Bloody Sunday occurred. A strike lead by father Gapon on the winter palace resulted in the Tsar ordering soldiers to open fire upon the protesters that day was later known as bloody sunday. number of workers were killed. in addition to bloody sunday, Russia had also lost a small yet crucial war against Japan. this lose showed that the tsar was incompetent and unable to lead the country nor the army.

death and broken promises

1906 - 1907

the fundamental law was proclaimed in 1906 and was to set the tsar's October promises. the tsar of course did not fulfill his promise but instead he retained huge amounts of power to himself and most importantly held the power to call or dismisses the new Duma. as the tsar used his power to arrest and harass the radical opposition, it resulted in terrorism which killed 4,440 people.


1914 - 1918

Russia's involvement in WW1


despite the problems Russia was having politically she still joined the war willingly. Russia had a massive army of about 15 million men but the were poorly equipped, poorly trained, poorly supplies, little to no medical supplies and much more. the biggest issue the russians soldiers had was that they were told to pick up their fallen comrades rifle meaning they did not even have enough rifles for all the troops. also, due to their massive army they needed a lot of food, thus the food farmers in russia were producing was being send to the front line which brought along starvation back home. the people were not content hence russia saw more strikes than she had seen in the five years from 1900-1905.

tsar's control


in 1915 Tsar Nicholas the second dismissed the Duma and took charge of the army. which meant his wife was left in control. this was not good for Russia because she eventually decided to give the reins of the government to Rusputin. Rusputin was an controversial person. he managed to replace all the ministers with his drunken buddies which did not end well. now that the tsar had taken over the army he was the only one to blame for the millions of russians lost and was the only one to blame for its demise in 1917.

the beginning of the end

November 1917

1917 was the year Russia left the war. she had suffered 1.65 million men KIA and 3.85 million wounded. Nov of 1917 the russian revolution had officially begun.