evolution of the iPhone


first iphone

2007 - 2008

Considered huge at the time, the first iPhone had a 3.5 inch screen

second iphone 3g

2008 - 2009

With new design and performance enhancements, the big milestone of the iPhone's 2008 model was the ability to 3G connection

iphone 3gs

2009 - 2010

The iPhone 3GS has brought a number of improvements over its predecessors. Despite still having a 3.5-inch screen, the device received several updates, such as 256 MB RAM and 3.15 MP camera. It was in this generation that Apple launched, for the first time, an iPhone with internal storage of 32 GB. At the time, anyone who wanted to take one of these home had to shell out no less than $ 699, that is, at least $ 2,300 in the current quote.

iphone 4

2010 - 2011

Since the launch of the first model in 2007, it was with the iPhone 4 that Apple made a major design change. In addition to the physical characteristics, the device received, for the first time, a front camera and improved screen resolution. With a 3.5-inch display, the iPhone 4 had 512 MB of RAM, versions with up to 32 GB of internal storage and 1,420 mAh battery. In addition, the rear camera had a resolution of 5 MP and the front of only 0.3 MP. The amounts were at least R $ 2 thousand.

iphone 4s

2011 - 2012

Apesar de não ter grandes diferenças em relação ao modelo anterior, o iPhone 4S trouxe uma das grandes novidades da Apple na época: a assistente de voz Siri. Também com tela de 3,5 polegadas e 512 MB de RAM, o iPhone 4S ganhou versão de 64 GB de armazenamento interno. A câmera principal também recebeu upgrade, passando a ter 8 MP. Quem comprou na época, pagou, pelo menos, R$ 2.200 pelo aparelho.

iphone 5

2012 - 2013

A quinta geração do iPhone trouxe especificações muito melhores, como suporte a conexão 4G. Agora com tela de 4 polegadas, a memória RAM do smartphone praticamente dobrou, contando com 1 GB. Também com versões de 64 GB de armazenamento interno, o iPhone 5 manteve a qualidade de sua câmera traseira (8 MP), mas aumentou a resolução da câmera frontal, que passou a ter 1,2 MP. As versões do aparelho chegaram a custar US$ 850, aproximadamente R$ 2.800!

iphone 5c

2013 - 2014

With similar features to the 2012 model, the big difference of the iPhone 5C was its plastic housing available in several colors. With more "affordable" prices, the iPhone 5C was launched in Brazil costing between R $ 2,000 and R $ 2,500.

iphone 5c

2014 - 2015

Along with the iPhone 5C, Apple launched in 2014 the iPhone 5S. Still with 4-inch screen, 1 GB of RAM, internal storage of at most 64GB, the great news of the model were the addition of the biometric reader and the 64-bit processor. The prices charged? From R $ 2,800 to R $ 3,600 for Brazilians!

iphone 6 and 6 plus

2015 - 2016

With the 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch screen in the Plus version, Apple started working with big smartphones officially. The iPhone 6 also brought internal memory up to 128GB. The battery has also been upgraded to 1,810 mAh. The versions, at launch, were priced between R $ 3,199 and R $ 3,999 in Brazil.

iphone 6s and 6s plus

2016 - 2017

Coming almost to the present day, iPhones released in 2015 have received more than respectable improvements. With a 4.7 or 5.5 inch screen, the new generation of iPhones came equipped with 2 GB of RAM, built-in storage of up to 128 GB and camera specs for anyone to get faulty. With 4K recording capability, the rear camera came on the market with 12 MP and the front with 5 MP. The values ​​reached R $ 4,399 to take the most robust model home.