google timeline

1996 - 1997

But where does that name come from?

According to the information on the official site of the search engine, a "Googol" corresponds to a mathematical term that designates a number 1 followed by 100 zeros. You can see a good representation of this in the footer of Google's search pages. The result page marker consists of a "G" with several "o's", so the search is organized.


1998 - 1999

First investments

With the explosive growth of the search page, Google was already storing a Terabyte in the years 1998 - an astonishing sum for the time. From its beginning, the Internet giant already had in its physical structure the comfort. At the time, Google's office was the room of one of the boys. Maybe the stripped-down style of organizing your "headquarters" will retain traces of that era.
With the check, the company can grow and continue to develop.
However, expenditures on equipment, resources, and a host of other needs were already creating debts that exceeded Page's ability to push the business forward. The relief comes along with a check for $ 100,000, addressed to "Google Inc.". Therein was a need to become a company. Otherwise, the check could not be compensated and the situation of the pair would be very complicated.
Larry Page and Sergey Brin are the co-founders of the Internet giant.
Another aspect that should be taken into account is the bandwidth consumed by the site in the first years of life. BackRub and the first Google were hosted on the Stanford University network. Whenever search requests reached the site, the entire Internet of the university was compromised due to the large accesses that the search engine received.
Google employees have restaurants within the company!
After that initial investment things start to progress in a very fast way. As early as September 1998 the duo had already hired their first employee, a college classmate, Craig Silverstein. The changes of thirst were quite frequent in the last years of the decade of 1990, as well as the hirings. In November 1999 the company hires its forty-first (41st) employee, chef Charlie Ayers

google growth

2000 - 2002

2000 razões para crescer

O início do ano 2000 foi marcado pelo ritmo acelerado de crescimento da empresa de Page e Brin. Em maio do ano ou site ganha versões em dez outros idiomas além do inglês: Francês, Alemão, Italiano, Sueco, Finlandês, Espanhol, Português, Holandês, Norueguês e Dinamarquês. Até mesmo o Yahoo !, que até então é um dos mais usados ​​buscadores no mundo, reconhecido o potencial da startup dos rapazes de Stanford e presidente de uma empresa na qual o Google seria o provedor de buscas do grande portal.

Nesse mesmo mês de Junho de 2000, uma empresa anunciou o seu primeiro bilhão de URLs indexadas. Em setembro o número de línguas suportadas pelo Google chega a 15 com o acréscimo dos idiomas Japonês, Chinês e Coreano. Anos mais tarde, os chineses começam a bloquear conteúdos fornecidos pelo buscador e até chegar a um pedido de acesso a conteúdos internacionais.
Os resultados das buscas podem ser exibidos nos mais diversos idiomas! Basta selecionar!
Contudo, é no final do ano 2000 e início do terceiro milênio (2001) que o Google começa a fazer suas primeiras aquisições e tornar-se uma incorporadora e produtora de serviços e produtos para internet. O Google Shopping O "Serviço de Discussão Usenet" da Deja.com já possui 500 milhões de discussões, tópicos e várias conversas arquivadas a partir de 1995 e institui melhorias no serviço para lançar-lo como "Grupos Google" (Google Grupos).In July of that same year the search service for images indexed by Google is already available with more than 250 million images to be consulted at any time by anyone. Good news arrives for users in Latin America in October: an established partnership between Google and Universo Online (UOL) brought the service to our side of the world. Today this agreement no longer exists, but Google was able to unite with enough strength search engines that were gaining strength in Brazil, such as Cadê ?, today incorporated by Yahoo !.
By the end of 2001, the bank of URLs indexed by Google already reached the sound of 3 billion virtual documents. Today this number is already over 8 billion addresses.
February 2002 is an important year for everyone who was already building their web blogs. Google acquires another company, this time Pyra Labs, responsible for developing the Blogger tool. The following month, a tool would help the income of these bloggers and also the owners of websites: AdSense.
With AdSense, bloggers and website owners can generate revenue in conjunction with Google!
Launched in March, the service was intended to provide advertisers with ads that would help them advertise advertising customers for whom Google was selling space. Thus, everyone who had clicks computed on Google Ads would gain a share of the income proportional to the profits made.
Search for books and find what you need for your work!
The end of 2002 is marked by the launch of Google Print, which we now know as Google Books. The service has several PDF files containing excerpts from books whose copyrights limit the full display. However, it is a great help for college students and students in general.

new tools on google


The invasion of social tools

One can say that 2004 is one of the most striking years for Brazilians in Google's history. It is in that year that the Turkish Orkut Buyukkokten, employee of the company, develops a tool of social relation between users of the internet. In the beginning, you had to receive an invitation from someone who was already a member of the network in order to participate.
Orkut is the most accessed social network in Brazil and more than 40% of its users correspond to our country.
However, this was not a reason why the site did not become popular in Brazil. Having an invitation to access Orkut in your email box was a sign of status. Therefore, those who were part of the network already had a "differential" compared to other web users.

However, with the explosion of popularity of the social network in Brazil, several problems began to appear. From virtual crimes like piracy of games, softwares and other products, the virtual relationship between people ended up triggering in some communities of support to organized crime, drug trafficking and pedophilia.
Say no to pedophilia on the Internet! Report criminal profiles!
For these reasons, more and more requests for breaches of confidentiality by the Federal Police increased so that investigations could be made and those responsible duly referred to the Court. Taking into account these requests, Google decided to move the management of Orkut to the Brazilian branch of the company in Minas Gerais.

Soon after the launch of this social tool, Google decides to make inroads into the world of email services. The name chosen for such a service is Gmail, which started as "Giga email" due to the storage capacity, however it is said that the service can be called "Google email". Like Orkut, Gmail also required receiving an invitation so the user could have an account.
Google apps bring you good levels of convenience.
Later tools like Google Earth, Google Talk, Google Reader, Google Analytics and a series of other services were launched, composing the portfolio of incorporations and own productions of the company. Now, the college room has become something much bigger called "Googleplex" and stays in the United States.

you tube belongs to google


Google + YouTube

Undoubtedly the episode of buying the YouTube video-sharing service in October 2006 for the $ 1.65 billion "bagatelle" is one of the most striking in recent years when we talk about online tool purchases. At the time of the negotiation, the video site completed about a year of operation and today is one of the largest independent forms of audiovisual expression in the world.
Google has spent $ 1.65 billion to buy YouTube!
A very strong example is the user "CitizenTube" who in recent days has published videos of Iran's political demonstrations due to the electoral denunciations against the current president Mahmud Ahmadinejad. This is because local and international media have been prevented from reporting any point that shows manifestations. What you watch on TV at night has a good chance of being taken off YouTube.
CitizenTube is responsible for posting and aggregating videos you would not see on open television!
Like Orkut and Gmail, YouTube is one of Google's biggest hits. At first, most users saw it as a way to have fun and forget about some day-to-day problems just like they do with television. However, some other users have come to realize the political and social importance of the tool to disseminate relevant information about manifestations and an immense variety of other functions. Of fun, YouTube has become an information vehicle

Your browser, your office


The concepts of having everything you need right where you are are taken seriously when talking about much of Google products. Undisputed proof of this is Google Docs, office applications suite completely online. You can open documents with .DOC, .XLS, and .PPT extensions. But following the line of growth and betting on good ideas, Google Docs is a repagination of a service that already existed called Writely, which executed online conversions of Word files in any browser.
Store your documents all in your Google Account!
Another very important aspect for web entrepreneurs or even those who have websites of their companies is the control of visits and accesses. Nothing better than having complete reports, containing invaluable information such as keywords that your site is accessed, user bounce rate, and a host of other points that are thoroughly handled in Google Analytics reports.

Get detailed reports with Google Analytics!
The service is also free and you only need to register your URL and install a Google code so that the site is recognized by the company's indexer. Then simply follow the charts and even customize the reports with the most relevant information for your site.

google maps, helping you locate


Google Maps is a free satellite Earth map and satellite imagery research and visualization service provided and developed by the US company Google.

Currently, the service provides maps and routes to any point in the United States, Canada, the European Union, Australia and Brazil, among others. It also offers satellite images from around the world, with the possibility of zooming in major cities such as New York, Paris, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia, among others. In the United States Google has partnered with public agencies, which will include American rail lines and their intersections with highways to Google Maps.

Together with the launch of the Brazilian version of Google Maps, the company introduced the Local Business Center, a tool that allows any company to register and be found on Google Maps by any user. At the register companies can fill in their registration data, office hours, payment methods, logo and photos, and confirmation of the registration through a phone call, SMS or letter.

With a Google account, you can already highlight your own routes, points and areas, generate comments and share the respective links to the map created. It is also possible to generate a KML file for integration with Google Earth.

Since July 2015, Google Maps syncs searches performed on your computer to Android smartphones. The user must perform the search and select the 'Send to device' option. When you open the app on your phone (with your Google account logged in), the route will be available.

On November 9, 2015, Google announced an update to the application, available only to users of the Android platform, which allows the download of a certain map, for offline use, without the need of the internet. The new version of the app also works in airplane mode, but your smartphone must have at least 400 MB of free memory space in Android, so the application saves the data offline.