Hydraulic Fracturing


Torpedo shot used in vertical wells

Approx. 1860

Shooters were considered to have the most dangerous job in the business

Stanolind Experiment


Patent was filed based on this experiment

More than 1.5 million frac jobs have been performed

1947 - Approx. Present

This technology is ubiquitous with modern completions worldwide

Halliburton First Commercial Frac Jobs


Technology starts to take off in vertical wells

Approx. 1951 - 1995

Efforts to model hydraulic fractures

Approx. 1970 - Approx. Present

Early efforts to model the process was greatly enhanced by observation and micro-seismic data

Tight gas sands plays in San Juan, Wattenburg, East Texas

Approx. 1972 - Approx. Present

Unlocked many tight gas reservoirs in major Rocky Mountain and Mid Continent plays

Combination of Horizontal wells and hydraulic fracturing

Approx. 1996 - Present

Started in the Barnett shale with Mitchell Energy, used worldwide now