Pythagoras is born

Approx. 570 BC

Confucius is Born

Approx. 551 BC


551 BC - 478 BC

First Greek Plays

550 BC

Lao-Tzu outlines philosophy of Taoism

550 BC

Cyrus the Great conquers Babylon

539 BC

Persians free Jews from Babylonian rule

537 BC

Cyrus the Great killed in battle

530 BC

Persians under Cambyses II (son of Cyrus) whip Egypt

525 BC

Darius I (Persian) conquered Byzantium

512 BC

Spartan king Cleomenes overthrows Athenian tyrant Hippias

510 BC

Rome becomes republic after throwing out the last king

509 BC

Cleisthenes gives democracy to Athens

507 BC

First record of use of bow and arrow in North America

500 BC

Persian Empire near its peak

500 BC

Greek-Persian War

499 BC - 448 BC

Pythagoras dies

495 BC

Spartan king Cleomenes I defeats city of Argos

494 BC