World History Timeline (1450-1750)


The Renaissance

1350 AD - 1550 AD

The Renaissance was a new beginning mainly for Europe but it also impacted other parts of the world.

Song Hay Empire

1464 - 1591

This empire replaced the Mali empire was the ruling power in west Africa, Sunni Ali was the emperor where they grew the most. And in 1591 they fall to a Moroccan army because of subject revolts. This is important because after this regional kingdoms and city states start to emerge.

Reign of Sunni Alli

1464 - 1490

Sunni Ali was a Songhay ruler who would conquer and increase the size of the empire. Around the Niger valley. He had a complex administrative and military system that would help him keep his power.

Treaty of Tordesillas


This was a treaty that Spain and Portugal signed and it split the world along an imaginary line. Spain could not take any land west of this line and Portugal got the land to the east of the line.

Spanish Conquest of the Americas

1519 - 1521

Hernan Cortes led about 450 soldiers to Mexico in search of gold. The first place they found was the Aztec capital on Lake Texcoco after some fighting they were able to get the Aztec to surrender.

Quing Dynasty

1544 - 1911

The Qing Dynasty was started by the Manchus from the north and they ruled with a lot of the same policies as the early Ming dynasty. They had a centralized government with rigid civil service exams.

scientific revolution

1550 - 1700

Tokugawa Shogunate

1603 - 1868

James Town was estableshed