The Reformation

1517 - 1648

In Latin Christianity, the papacy was where the clergy had governed the land was selling indulgences. Indulgences were a fee or a promissory note that "guranteed" that the purchaser would make his/her way to heaven. Martin Luther had wrote the 95 theses to undermine the Church's authority

English Civil War

1642 - 1648

Was a series of conflicts between members of the parliament and Royalists of the eventual governance of England. At the time, Great Britain was steadily enforcing and creating government forms such as the house of commons and parliament. There were several disputes over which government form to enforce.

Ottoman Wars

1683 - 1697

were a series of military conflicts between the Ottoman Empire and several European states. The wars eventually led to the Ottoman Empire's peak territorial extent as they expanded beyond question through many harsh and costly wars

The Enlightment

1700 - 1800

This period was an age of philosophical an intellectual movement. Great thinkers were finally able to sustain themselves with surplus and had expansive thinking. Intellectuals thought of ways how man could find his purpose on the earth, which ultimately denounced religious values

French and Indian War

1754 - 1763

This was similar and comprised of the North American colonies against the British colonies, that resulted in British victory are the forging of the Treaty of paris

Seven Years War

1756 - 1763

France, Austria, Sweden, and Russia were against Prussia and Great Britain. As the name suggests, this war lasted for seven years. The war most like focused on colonial struggles on France and Great Britain, and essentially how to manage their colonies by imposing special laws an regulations that did not correlate or agree with other nations.

American Revolution

1765 - 1783

This is the most well-known revolutionary war to occur in history. This was the great battle against America vs Great Britain. The viceroyalty had "discovered' America a while back and had control over the people that lived there. They were colonized by Great Britain. The Americans strived for Independence and performed rebellious acts such as the Boston Tea Party to protest against taxes.

Haitian Revolution

1791 - 1804

The Haitian Revolution is known as the most succesful slave rebellions in the Western Hemisphere. Saint Dominique was France's colony as it produced many valuable goods such as sugar, coffee, and cotton. The Rebels had used violent tactics against French people. They successfully declared independence

Latin American Revolutions

1808 - 1826

Latin America, Spain was the central Spanish crown and had granted very little indpendence rights to its colonies. Most revolutionaries like Simon Bolivar had forged together new nations and relinquished from Spains Strict colonization, Like Bolivia and Argentina

British Raj

1858 - 1947

The British East Indian Economy was transferred over to Queen Victoria, where they had decided to rule over Imperialistic India and colonize through. This was a long and hard war as India was very resistant to British control and rule like many other nations had faced.