600 C.E - 1450 C.E


Start of Islamic Calender


When Mohan=mmed Fled from Mecca to Medina

Umayyad Dynasty [661 - 750 CE]

661 - 750

Capital moved from Mecca to Damascus (mostly) religiously tolerant, Jizya enacted (higher taxes for non muslims, rapid expansion,

Abbasid Dynasty

0751 - 1258

The Golden age of Islamic Empire, biggest cultural center of the world, advancements in medicine and technology, higher literacy rates, religious tolerance. Ended by the Mongols.

Viking Raids



Byzantine Empire

330 - 1453

After the collapse of the Roman Empire, the Byzantine is the eastern part of it. Centralized government, universal law, Justinian Code, standardized currency.

Merovingian Dynasty

481 - 751

Clovis- Christian convert. Now modern-day France, common culture

Carolingian Dynasty

750 - 887

Started by Charles Martel, it was in modern-day France, stood as an aristocracy


T'ang Dynasty

618 ce - 907 ce

The T’ang Dynasty was started by Emperor Xuanzong and was a time of great expansion there were advancements in poetry and iron production. As well as the growing of Champa which is a type of rice that doubled the food production and coincided with a spike in population that was also doubled. The T’ang fell because of a peasant revolt due to high taxes because of expansion and war.

Song Dynasty

960 CE - 1279 CE

The song dynasty came after the T’ang and made advancements in architecture and literature. The printing press was made which in turn spiked literacy rates by making books cheaper and knowledge more accessible there was more productions of encyclopedias and out of that came a new social class: Scholar-Gentry The navy became big and gun powder and compasses. This dynasty ended because the Mongols took control.