AP World History- Period 2 (600 BCE - 600 CE)


Siddhartha Gautama

563 BCE - 483 BCE

Founder of Buddhism. Born as an Indian prince, his teachings led to the creation of the third-largest universalizing religion.

Achaemenid Empire

558 BCE - 330 BCE

First Persian Empire founded by Cyrus The Great located in Modern-Day Iran. Practiced Zorastrianism. Conquered by Alexander The Great.


551 BCE - 479 BCE

Chinese scholar and philosopher whose teachings create the fundamental principles of Confucianism, preserved in The Analects

Warring States Period

475 BCE - 221 BCE

After the fall of the Zhou Dynasty, independent kingdoms were created and fought for control during this time in China

Alexander the Great

356 BCE - 323 BCE

King of Macedon who conquered the entire Achaemenid Dynasty. Created the Hellenistic Empires over the Mediterranean in which Greek Culture flourished.

Mauryan Empire

322 BC - 185 BC

The first large empire of India. Controlled most of the subcontinent except for the southern tip. Founded by Chandragupta Maurya. Was a bureaucratic administrative system with provinces. Excessive pay and costs of administration led to fall of empire.


268 BCE - 232 BCE

Grandson of Chandragupta Maurya and third ruler of Mauryan Dynasty. Converted to Buddhism after bloody battle at Kalinga. Rovk edits and pillars with Budhhist writings were created throughout the empire. Helped to spread Buddhism throughout India.

Qin Dynasty

221 BC - 206 BC

United China for a brief time after Warring States period. Established 1 language (Mandarin), 1 philosophy (Legalism), 1 written script (Clerical), 1 currency (Wuzhu) and built the great wall. Fell to the Han family.

Han Dynasty

206 BCE - 220 CE

Largest Chinese empire. Established the silk road and made Confucius the official state ideology.

Roman Empire

27 BC - 476 AD

Largest western civilization at that time created by Augustus Caesar. Capital city was Rome until Diocletian split the empire into 2 halves. Western half fell due to outside invasions and political corruption. Eastern half continued as Byzantine Empire

Jesus of Nazareth

4 bc - 30 ad

Founded Christianity

Gupta Empire

320 CE - 550 CE

Founded by Chandra Gupta. Loosely centralized, based on regional alliances and intermarriage. Golden Age of India. Advancements in mathematics, astronomy and medicine. Fell due to regional alliances falling apart.