Syria's Civil War


French Imperialism/ components for sectarianism

1923 - 1946

The Hama Massacre


Deraa protest- later leads to the uprising

March 2011

Syrian army gets founded

July 2011

Part of Al-Qaeda arrives in Syria

August 2011

Russia vetoes bill condemning Assad's actions

October 2011

Jabhat al-Nusra forms

January 2012

Hezbollah (Iran) invades Syria in aid of Assad


Assad uses barrel bombs

August 2012

Arab League approves of arming rebels

March 2013

ISIS forms

April 2013

Ghouta chemical attack

August 2013

US campaigns against ISIS

September 2014

Rise of Kurds/ rebels group into Jaish al-Fatah

February 2015 - March 2015

Around 4 million Syrian refugees move to other countries

July 2015

Russian military airstrikes in Syria

September 2015