World Religions


Adam and Eve

3760 BCE

Noah and The Flood

2160 BCE

Birth of Ishmael

1911 BCE

God makes covenant with Abraham

1743 BCE

Torah establishes Jewish Religion

1400 BCE

The Old Testament preaches Monotheism

600 BCE

Destruction of temple in Jerusalem

586 BCE

Birth of Jesus Christ

0 AD

Official establishment of Christianity

30 CE

The New Testament is Written

50 CE - 150 CE

Jews become part of the Roman Empire

63 CE - 330 CE

See "Christianity officially made the religion of the Roman Empire"

Constantine converts to Christianity

312 CE

Christianity officially made the religion of the Roman Empire

380 CE

You could say that this is the splitting point between Judaism and Christianity, when the two regions were forced to split because of the decisions made by the Roman Empire.

Beginning of the Muhammad

570 CE

Mohammad and the Islamic faith become prevalent

610 CE

Conquest of Spain

711 - 718

Reactions to Christian Crusades as following....

1095 CE

Constantinople captured by Muslims and renamed Istanbul

1453 CE

Muslims expelled from Spain

1492 CE

Muslim expansion into Europe and North America

1945 CE - Present