florence nightingale


Florence Nightingale was born

May 12 1820

Nightingale received three months nurse training at the hospital in Kaiserswerth


Nightingale developed new approach to nursing

1853 - 1856

Nightingale and her staff of 38 women volunteer nurses she trained were sent to the Ottoman Empire

October 21 1854

Nightingale arrived at Selimiye Barracks in Scutari where her team found poor care being given by overworked medical staff, medicine in short supply, hygiene neglected and large infections common

November 1854

She successfully lobied for the establishment of a Royal Commission into the Indian situation

1858 - 1859

Nightingale was elected the first female member of the Royal Statistical Society


She established the first professional nursing school in the world


The Royal Sanitary Commission gave Nightingale an opportunity to press for compulsory sanitation in private houses

1868 - 1869