My timeline


My birth

May 15, 2003

I was born in middlesex hospital in the afternoon via c section while under the knife the doctor messed up and i had the scar to prove it

the birth of my brother keith

December 14, 2005

this was very important to me because having a little brother had me overjoyed that i would have company in the house but i know now that it gave me responsibility.

started hockey

November 1, 2010

my first sport. i had to wake up at 6 for practice at 7 i hated it because i was so tired and sluggish and from that day forward i sleep in whenever possible

the birth of my brother logan

September 23, 2011

logan is like a smaller version of me. both looks and mind so i learn a lot of my own problems that i have through his actions. were growing up together.

supposed end of the world

December 12, 2012

this was a big event for me because for some reason i was terrified and when i woke up the next morning i realized that i should not beleive what i hear on am radio/ what the media tells me because the media will say anything for money

started wrestling

October 1, 2015

i started the first sport i actually took seriously this gave me both skills with school so i can juggle more than just school along with anything else i please and i gained a lot of friends

started school at vinal tech

September 29, 2017

this is the beginning of a future for me to prove all those who doubt me wrong while also preparing myself for the future whatever field i pursue i know i can be successful with the training from vinal tech. if this school can train my dad to be better im sure i can do it too