Dr. Spears Cross


Vaca cannot recall name of bladder medication

June 2011

Martinez observes: Vaca was confused

Aug. 18th, 2011

o as Steven Martinez, the head of the FBI’s Los Angeles office, stated in his July 22, 2013 FBI interview: “When Martinez first explained the situation to Vaca [about the FBI cell phone in the LDSD Jail during an August 18, 2011 phone call], it was clear to Martinez that Vaca was confused . . . Martinez had to explain the situation to Vaca three times before Vaca understood.” (49:9)

Manzano says on that day Vaca seemed confused; like he didn't know what was going on

Aug. 19th, 2011

Meeting, Vaca forgetting

April 12th, 2013

Mr. Vaca repeatedly demonstrated memory impairment through the 4.5-hour interview. Mr. Vaca admitted over 25 times during the interview that he could not recall or remember information asked for by the questions involving events, conversations, and people during the August-September 2011 timeframe. (49:24)
Mr. Vaca also gave objectively incorrect memory responses on other questions (49-50)
For example, Mr. Vaca referred to one of the ICIB investigators as “Jim Leavins,” and even after being corrected by the prosecutor that Mr. Leavins’s name was “Steve Leavins,” Mr. Vaca continued later in the interview to repeatedly refer to Mr. Leavins as “Jim Leavins.” (50:1)

Captain Carey says Vaca seemed like a confused old man

Jan. 2014

o William Tom Carey, a former LDSD Captain, stated during an August 12, 2015 proffer with the government, that during a January 2014 meeting he had with Mr. Vaca, Mr. Vaca “seemed like a confused old man.”
♣ In his August 19, 2015 testimony, Mr. Carey referred to Mr. Vaca during the January 2014 meetings as seeming “goofy- that he couldn’t comprehend. Almost like he’s senile.”
♣ 49:17

Vaca retires

Jan. 2014

Vaca was in Pre or MCI

Feb. 2014

Vaca evaluated

March 2014

Vaca first diagnosed with MCI

May 2014

Alzheimer's found to be cause of MCI

Jan 2016

early 2016