The Spanish Flu


100 soldiers fall sick

March 11, 1918

100 American soldiers at Fort Riley, Kansas fall sick.

Naming the sickness

Approx. July 1918

Public health officials in Philadelphia issue a warning about something called The Spanish Influenza

Sailors in Boston fall sick

August 27, 1918

Sailors in Boston start falling by the dozens

Numbers reach huge heights

August 30, 1918

The sailors infected hit 60

Surgeon general receives urgent order to proceed to camp

Approx. September 1918

He inspects the camp, and it was a disaster, 63 men died that day

The Spanish Flu is declared an epidemic

September 5, 1918

Newspapers are informed that they are dealing with an epidemic

Death toll sky rockets in Boston

October 2, 1918

Death toll in Boston reaches 202

Philadelphia's state

October 6, 1918

289 influenza related deaths were reported in a single day

Death tolls start to peak

Approx. October 15, 1918

851 New Yorkers die in a single day

Laws passed in Seattle

October 29, 1918

Six ply gauze masks become mandatory by law in Seattle