1 February 2018

Spark of genius

8 February 2018

It took me a while to actually choose an idea to stick with however I managed to secure an idea after a while

Media Pitch

Approx. 14 February 2018 - Approx. 15 February 2018

Everyone in the class had to pitch their idea to our teacher and in front of the whole class. We then achieved feedback from our peers and could build on that.

Equipment Trial

Approx. 8 March 2018 - Approx. 13 June 2018

I have become very picky with the equipment I use to film therefore I've had to trial different cameras, stabilisers etc. in order to get the correct one that I want to shoot with

Interview With Jospeh

Approx. 10 April 2018 - Approx. 11 April 2018

My cousin, Jospeh, was the main inspiration for this film therefore I needed to get his perspective about being cast out by his family.

Getting The Correct Angles

Approx. 2 May 2018 - Approx. 3 May 2018

During the pre-production stage, I managed to get some really great shots and learnt a lot more about the camera. I have become a lot more comfortable with the camera and setting up a shot which will be beneficial for me in the years to come.

Acting auditions

Approx. 2 May 2018 - Approx. 7 June 2018

The auditions were held at my house and there were quite a few people who showed up. I managed to find the right people for the roles in my film.

Beginning and Ending the Script

Approx. 22 May 2018 - Approx. 9 June 2018

The script was quite easy to write after I read through some other film scripts. Before researching and reading through other screenplays, I didn't know ho two write a screenplay however afterwards I gained inspiration and it flowed out onto the page.

Music Rights

Approx. 25 May 2018 - Approx. 4 June 2018

With the song rights, my film is set in he 80s therefore I decided that I will show the film with 80s classics only to my class and then the version with royalty free music will be used if I am lucky enough to get into Top Design

Beginning and Ending of Storyboards

Approx. 28 May 2018 - Approx. 12 June 2018

I'm not exactly impressed with how the storyboards came out as they look rushed however it was the best I could do with the time I was given due to certain circumstances. Instead of physically writing on the storyboard paper, I used Acetate sheets and wrote on top of them in order to not ruin the actual sheets.

Confirming Locations

Approx. 31 May 2018 - Approx. 6 June 2018

Locations, mostly Vincent's home, was hard to secure as not many people want others walking into their home and re-arrranging things to film. However I managed to secure the location

Cast and Crew Meeting

Approx. 4 June 2018

The cast and myself gathered together to go through the script and do a run-through before filming begins

Annotating Script

Approx. 9 June 2018 - Approx. 11 June 2018

I printed off a few versions of my script in order to write and annotate on them. I printed one off and annotated the camera angles/movements. another script was dedicated to editing. Another dedicated to lighting etc.


2 July 2018 - 15 July 2018

Production Day 1

3 July 2018

This will be he beginning of the production process and have elected scenes for each day

Last Day of Production

15 July 2018

This will be the last day of the production process and everything should be finished from here


16 July 2018 - 24 July 2018

Editing process

17 July 2018 - 23 July 2018

The editing process can be a time consuming process therefore I need yo allow myself enough time to work through and fix/manipulate every detail of the film


24 July 2018