The Brunch Club


Beginning and Ending The Storyboards

Approx. 11 August 2017 - Approx. 4 September 2017

The Storyboards for this film took a very long time to complete as they were quite detailed. I ran into some difficulties while creating these storyboards however I overcame the challenges and managed to get them done.

Beginning and Ending the Script

Approx. 11 August 2017 - Approx. 29 August 2017

Jess, our group leader began the script and mixed iconic moments from The Breakfast Club. When she had finally finished, we were ready to begin filming. Important elements were added to the film such as an UberEATS scene, stealing a phone etc. which we thought would make the storyline seem more modern and interesting.

Coming Together as a Group

Approx. 11 August 2017

We came together to decide our individual specialist roles. I originally wanted to be the Director, however, I chose to be the Cinematographer because it went hand in hand with Storyboard Artist

Recruiting Cast Members

Approx. 14 August 2017 - Approx. 24 August 2017

We wanted to find a cast that suited the original cast in The Breakfast Club. In our group leaders pitch, she wanted to incorporate and expand on the same characters that The Breakfast Club had, therefore we didn't change them, we only expanded on their characteristsics and gave them more modern look and attitude.

Mixing Iconic Moments of The breakfast Club Into The Script

Approx. 14 August 2017 - Approx. 16 August 2017

We wanted to use iconic moments from The Breakfast Club as that was our main source of inspiration, therefore we wanted to add them into the script, acting as subtle hints to the original film

Video Diary Idea

Approx. 16 August 2017

The idea behind the Video Diary was that the group thought it would have been a good idea to incorporate a modern twist. It would either be set out as a Facebook Live Video or a Snapchat Story. We ended up going with the Facebook Live idea as it was easier to execute.

Crash Course

Approx. 31 August 2017

One of our team members suggested that we should invite the cast to a group meeting where we could run through lines, give them their character packs and talk about what will happen during the times we will be filming. It was an excellent idea that contributed to the success of the film as the actors were calmer and eased into the role.

First Day Filming

Approx. 1 September 2017

The first-day filming was very nerve-wracking, as the actors had to settle into their roles and so did the crew. We had planned to shoot outdoor scenes that day however the weather was not on outside as it was windy therefore some of the footage we collected had a lot of wind in it however we still had good footage.

Character Change

Approx. 1 September 2017

Due to not being able to find the right person to play one of the main roles, we decided to change the role of John Bender (criminal) to a girl named Jane Bender. It worked out to be better.

Getting The Correct Angles

Approx. 1 September 2017 - Approx. 11 September 2017

During the pre-production stage, I managed to get some really great shots and learnt a lot more about the camera. I have become a lot more comfortable with the camera and setting up a shot which will be beneficial for me in the years to come.

Cinematography Breakthrough - Dolly

Approx. 5 September 2017 - Approx. 6 September 2017

I was having trouble with getting moving shots that were steady because the dolly that I had booked from I.T. was playing up so one of the team members and I came up with the idea of using a library book trolley as the dolly and it worked really well.

Last Day Filming

Approx. 8 September 2017

The last day filming was kind of sad as we had built up a relationship together with the cast however we managed to find a way to stay in touch.

Music Rights

Approx. 20 September 2017 - Approx. 22 September 2017

A member of our team, Harriette had gotten the rights to a brilliant song that an Australian artist had created. It suited the scene we put it in very well.

Final Film

Approx. 13 October 2017

The film is officially complete and ready to be shown!