Personal Migration Timeline


Grandpa - Dad's Side

Approx. 1943

Move from Village to Qui Nhun, Vietnam for Economic Reasons

Grandpa - Dad's Side

Approx. 1960

Move from Qui Nhun, Vietnam to Saigon, Vietnam for Economic Reasons (Following Jobs and Industry Growth)

Dad's Immediate Family Including Dad


Move from Saigon, Vietnam to Can Tho Town for Military Stationing

Dad's Immediate Family


Move from Can Tho Town, Vietnam back to Saigon, Vietnam because of end of Military Stationing

Mom's Immediate Family Including Mom


Move from Saigon, Vietnam to Colorado Springs, Colorado for Escape from Communist Government, Economic Opportunities, and Better Life (Including Safe Drinking Water, No Flooding and Monsoons, etc.)

Dad Only


Move from Saigon, Vietnam to Philadelphia, U.S. for Studies, Jobs, and Escape from Communist Government

Dad Only


Move from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Colorado Springs, Colorado for Climate, Jobs, Mom


2001 - 2002

Temporarily Rents Apartment in Denver to be Closer to Job Downtown - Occasional Visits from Mom, Brother, and I (as Fetus Child)

My Immediate Family


Move from Colorado Springs, Colorado to Thornton, Colorado to be closer to Jobs

Me (Potential Migration)

Approx. 2021

Move to Boulder, Colorado from Thornton, Colorado for Studies at CU Boulder

Me (Potential Migration)

Approx. 2025

Move to New York City, New York from Boulder, Colorado to Continue Studies